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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Park Gyuri & From The Airport - The Little Prince

This was such a nice surprise! The Little Prince is k-pop, but it doesn't sound anything like k-pop. It's a collaboration between Park Gyuri from great girl group Kara and strangely-named indie duo From The Airport. I saw this song likened to Shiny Toy Guns' brand of synth rock, but I think it's actually much better than that. It boasts some amazing production, with propulsive synths and electronic drums bouncing around all over the place. Couple that with a soaring, j-pop-esque chorus, and we've got something that breaks all sorts of boundaries and really should appeal to just about anyone. I wasn't expecting this song to be on my radar at all, but I'm kind of addicted to it now. Ironically, it's better than anything on the actual new Kara album. The b-side is also tons of fun.

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