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Monday, June 01, 2015

Seventeen - Shining Diamond

This is the kind of old school K-pop that I want more and more of this year. I've been following Seventeen through their reality show, and I was instantly taken by the band's size (13 members!), sound (super pop) and charisma. Of all the Korean debuts this year so far, I'm probably most excited about them. They released a really addictive single last week, but this album track is just as great (if not better). Shining Diamond is the kind of huge, melodic, Jackson-esque music that made me fall in love with K-Pop in the first place. While other bands within their peer group are aimlessly following the hip-hop trend, there's something refreshingly old-school about Seventeen. Simply put, the track is hook upon hook upon hook... all of them pretty damn flawless. Even better, the group writes, produces and choreographs their own music. They're certainly ones to watch. The accompanying mini-album is also pretty awesome.

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