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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

w-inds. - In Love With The Music

Earlier this month, K-Pop group Shinee got "Married to the Music." Even before that, though, J-Pop group w-inds. was "In Love with the Music." I like to think that these two songs are related, and it's not just because of the titles. Both groups are mining a very discofied, MJ-before-he-was-MJ style of 70's dance pop for their latest releases. It's actually a trend I've been noticing in Asian music for the past few months, and while I can't say it's my absolute favorite decade to throw back to, the trend has resulted in some pretty awesome songs. Now about w-inds... I've been exploring the vast world of J-Pop for the past month or so. It's super exciting, but pretty difficult due to the fact that Japan doesn't make it as easy as Korea for foreigners to discover new music. Recommendations are always helpful, but sometimes the itunes store is also my friend. Much of the poppier side of J-Pop doesn't seem to be available there, but I discovered w-inds. through the store. I don't think they'll be the type of band where I end up loving every single thing they release, but this most recent single is pretty undeniable. It's so catchy and summery, and I love the big drums in the breakdown.

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