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Friday, October 23, 2015

IU - Twenty-Three

IU is certainly one of Korea's most beloved artists. She doesn't have quite the same cache internationally, most likely due to her subdued, lyrical style and lack of ongoing music promotions. She's an artist I've always wished I was more into, but most of her previous work just seemed not to align with my personal taste. I did fall for her on this summer's Infinity Challenge music festival, and absolutely loved the lively, fun song she contributed, but I was almost certain that this new single would bring us back to her mellow, acoustic guitar-driven side. I was thrilled, then,to discover that Twenty-Three is as close to dance pop as she gets, and catchy from the get go. Add a fun, Alice In Wonderland-inspired music video, and you've got a song that may just turn me into an official fan.

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