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Friday, October 16, 2015

Robin & JVG - Silmät kii

Robin's just released his fifth (!) studio album (sixth, if you count the remixed one) in under three years. That's work ethic, for you. During that time, he's climbed from being a cute kid star to arguably the biggest solo pop star in Finland. Even more remarkably, his albums have been incredibly consistent. His singles even more so. I think we can credit that with an amazing team of songwriters and producers, but at the same time we can't discount his own star power, which begins with that distinctive, older-than-his-years voice. Yhdessä ("Together") is a duet album. But honestly, Robin rules supreme throughout, with little of the guest duet partners leaving too much of an impact. The song I'm featuring today is actually an old one, by the group JVG featuring Robin. It appears on the album as such, but it isn't any of the vocals that first captured my attention; it's that insistent, awesome beat. I'm a sucker for a good beat when it supports an actual song structure (even one like this that isn't particularly melodic). Stick with it past that first verse, which is kind of rough. It goes off towards the end.

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