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Monday, November 02, 2015

B1A4 - Happy Days

One nice thing about Japanese releases (particularly those by Korean artists) is that, even though they're announced way too early, sometimes we get a nice surprise and the music video for the single is put out weeks in advance. This happened last week with B1A4, who just happen to be one of my most favorite K-Pop groups. Better yet, unlike many Japanese releases, Happy Days is a strong return to the group's more fun, poppy side. It's like What's Happening part two (except not as perfect). I haven't been able to confirm, but I'm assuming this was written by leader Jinyoung, just like most of the group's singles. The video is cheesy as hell, but the song itself is super catchy, super upbeat and represents the sound I hope they go for when it comes to their next Korean comeback.

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