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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Exid - Hot Pink

Exid is one of a handful of k-pop girl groups who have had an amazingly breakout 2015. Like most listeners, I was late to the party and really only fell in love with them this year. Up and Down and Ah Yeah remain unmatchable, but their new single Hot Pink tries its hardest. It doesn't have nearly as much staying power, but it's definitely a fun track in its own right. The music video feels needlessly sexual/stupid in a juvenile way, and the song greatly benefits from being disconnected to some of those visuals. The random "black guy" bits are a bit of a wtf moment, but the catchy-as-hell hook and beat makes up for that. Now we just need a full album worth of songs that are up to par so that the girls can prove to us that 2015 wasn't just some brilliant fluke.

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