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Thursday, November 05, 2015

HIGH4 - D.O.A. (Dead Or Alive)

Rookie boy group HIGH4 have had the worst roll-out plan. From what I've seen, the rookies that end up with the most success are those who develop an identity quickly and ride the formula out until they're big enough to experiment a bit. HIGH4 have done the complete opposite, moving from a successful indie duet debut, to balladry, to colorful hip-hop, to dark electro-pop. This has made it hard to be a fan, and I haven't jumped aboard until now. I hope they stay with the sound of D.O.A. Despite an odd song structure, the song's clipped, seesaw synth and dramatic chorus caught my attention straight away. I guess with all the shifting genres, they were bound to stumble onto my personal taste eventually. I do wish the melody had more impact in some places, but overall I'm finding myself very addicted to this track. I would've loved an entire mini album in this style rather than just a single, but I hope it brings them some success so that their management will be inclined to continue this route. Sure, it's not incredibly original, but at least it has some impact.

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