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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year, New Blog!

Hello everyone!

Big things are coming with the new year. After nearly a decade and almost 3,000 posts, I've decided to move on to a newly reconfigured blog.

I'm sure everyone's noticed how much kpop, and Asian music in general, has taken over this blog for the past couple of years. I mean, take a look at my top 50 singles list and it'll be hard to find more than a couple English-language tracks in the entire countdown! Well, after three and a half years listening to it, I can safely confirm that kpop is not just a phase for me. It has single-handedly reignited my passion for music.

I really didn't want to continue running a hodgepodge blog without a focus, so I decided earlier this month to start something new. That doesn't mean I'll completely abandon #1 Hits From Another Planet. The blog will still be kept up and I might even add posts now and then if the mood strikes me or if some new release really warrants it. But, for now, I am moving on to The Bias List.

The Bias List will strictly focus on Asian music... the vast majority being kpop. The layout is much cleaner and I think I've got a better rating system in place so that the posts will hopefully have a bit more meaning. If you're interested at all in this genre of music (and if you've been following me all this time, I assume you at least have a passing interest), please bookmark or link to The Bias List. It takes a lot to get readership going again for a new blog, and I'm fully committed to making sure that this becomes as successful and long-lasting as #1 Hits has been.

Finally, thanks everyone for following me for this past decade. I hope that you all continue to engage with the music I post and review. Here's to another ten years!


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