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Monday, December 21, 2015

Top Albums and Mini-Albums of 2015: Number 6


6. Red Velvet - The Red

I wasn't sure about these girls until: a) I saw them live b) I head Dumb Dumb, the title track of this album. Their concept is divided between experimental uptempo tracks ("red") and slower, more r+b influenced material ("velvet"). You can probably guess which one I prefer, and luckily this solid album is filled with it. It's just a fun, playful pop album that holds attention throughout its entire running time. That's rare these days.


6. iKON - Welcome Back (half album)

iKON arrived with so many expectations, and wound up not redefining music as we know it, but instead delivering a very solid YG release in a year where YG-albums were pretty much non-existent. That's enough to land them a spot on any countdown. Buoyed by a handful of excellent singles, the album tracks managed to be pretty solid as well. Add the two November singles to cap it out, and you've definitely got one of the stronger k-pop releases of the year.

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