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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top Albums and Mini-Albums of 2015: Number 2


2. Wonder Girls - Reboot

I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a Wonder Girls fan before this album was released, but I am a massive fan of the 80's and anything related to that sound. So, when the girls came back as a band, performing synthpop and 80's-style r+b, I was more than won over... I was obsessed! Reboot remains this year's strongest k-pop album, even after all of the competition. Each song is a brilliant encapsulation of their concept, and the songwriting itself is very strong. It's hookier than it has any right to be.


2. B1A4 - Sweet Girl

B1A4 are incredibly reliable albums artists, much of which is due to the fact that they write and produce their own material. Simply put, Jinyoung is a genius pop songwriter. All of his melodies here sound so classic, so perfectly realized. And although the title track wasn't their strongest, it's compensated by the triple whammy of perfection that follows it. Seriously, the combination of "I Am A Boy, You Are A Girl," "10 Years," and "Mine" is undeniable.

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