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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top Albums and Mini-Albums of 2015: Number 1


1. Janet Jackson - Unbreakable

When I heard that Janet was coming back this year, I wondering if her album would make my countdown. Despite being my favorite artist of all time, her last few albums haven't exactly been stellar representations of what makes her so wonderful. Unbreakable, though, exceeded all expectations. What we have here is classic Janet, augmented just enough for today's age. It's a mature, thoughtful album that doesn't skimp on the beats or melody. it has that lush, impeccably produced sound that is hers and hers alone. Janet plus Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is pure heaven. They could release music for the next fifty years and it would all sound so classic and timeless. I am so thrilled that Janet's back, and even more ecstatic that I can place this at the very top of my countdown.


1. Infinite - Reality

The kings of k-pop didn't release all that much this year, but anything they put out is bound to be gold. Balanced equally between ballads and dance tracks, Reality showed just a bit more maturity and progression than their past work, while still sounding undeniably Infinite. While I hope that they'll work with producers Sweetune again in the future, it's nice to know that the quality of their music holds up regardless of the producer. It's by far my most-listened to mini album of the year, and rightly so.

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