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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

16. Robbie Williams - Rudebox
One of the most polarizing albums of the year, some have written this off as aimless, schizophrenic Robbie, while others champion his dramatic stylistic shift. Either way, the highlights far outweigh the clunkers and the album is all the better for its experimental, genre-busting track list. By far Williams' most interesting album to date, it's like listening to a really good , multiformat radio station (if those still existed).

Album track: The Actor - One of the many synth-styled tracks on the album, The Actor is an addicting piece of bumpy dance floor fodder. Best part? The name-dropping rap towards the end.

15. The Sounds - Dying To Say This To You
Though a bit of a fall from theier brilliant debut, The Sounds are still one of the best dance-rock bands around, with undoubtedly one of the best (and most recognizable) front women in Maja Ivarsson. Turning up the synthesizers a bit this time, the band succeeded in creating the perfect party album. It may not be lyrically deep or original, but it will get you dancing.

Album Track: Hurt You - Sounding very different from most of the album, this mostly synthesizer driven dance track is a fantastic debut between Ivarsson and guitarist Felix Rodriguez. Funkier than it has any right to be, I wish Blondie were still this good.


Blogger Paul said...

because of my absolute undying love for Robbie, i am giving Rudebox a whole fresh listen on the way to work. it may seem like it but i don't dislike it, i just don't get it and i'm a HUGE fan so that's why i am working on it regularly :)

3:35 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

That's the problem, though. Rudebox seems to me to be the kind of album that you instantly love or you're just never going to like. Even I'll admit that I don't love every track, but I applaud him for taking on such a drastic genre shift and not just releasing the same thing again.

10:16 AM  

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