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Saturday, December 23, 2006

25. McFly - Friday Night
Schizophrenic sorta-boyband cribs Def Leppard's power metal... bombast never sounded better.

24. The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way
The sound of a late summer afternoon by the pool... subtle, yet inescapable.

23. Mika - Grace Kelly
Madcap cartoon put to music... music's new hope reincarnates Freddie Mercury and throws in some Robbie for good measure, too.

22. Boy Kill Boy - Suzie
Snarly British version of the Killers at their catchiest... squeaky synths battle with a monster hook.

21. White Rose Movement - Girls In The Back
To the sound of a cracking whip WRM recalled the best of Devo and Adam Ant... shockingly few listeners took notice.


Blogger Paul said...

yay for mcfly mika and boy kill boy. Suzie was epic. Why it didn't happen will go down in the eternal mysteries of pop book...

8:44 AM  

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