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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Before My Favorite Stars Were Stars

Today's post features some rare demos and/or EP tracks from some of the #1 Hits preferred artist roster. All were released before the bands' debut albums and are definitely of varying quality. Some of these bands hadn't quite found their sound yet (see The Ark, The Killers and Melody Club especially), while others (Scissor Sisters and UTIOG) came swinging right out of the gate. Even though every song may not be an instant classic, they are all interesting to hear.

1. Scissor Sisters - Step Aside For The Man
2. The Sounds - Bombs Bombs Away
3. The Ark - I Laid It Down
4. Under The Influence Of Giants - Beautiful
5. The Killers - Desperate
6. Surferosa - Disco Love
7. Don Juan Dracula - Sober
8. Melody Club - A Matter Of Days (Early Demo)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great list!
Surferosa - Disco Love and DJD - Sober are two fantastic songs! :)


4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance you could email the track by the sounds to

2:16 AM  

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