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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Briefly going back to comics/graphic novels today, Bone (try not to chuckle at the title, because it has nothing to do with what you're thinking) is one of the most fantastic fantasy sagas ever released in any format. Despite being entirely in black and white and utilizing simple, cartoon-like images, the series manages to effortlessly glide between comedy, melodrama and action.

Bone follows the adventures of the (who else?) Bone brothers, three strange creatures finding their way through a world full of dragons, rat creatures and other unpleasant and fantastical characters. The comic was published for twelve years by creator (and certified genius) Jeff Smith and the newest paperback released contains all 1300 pages of this glorious epic. Bone is one of the few adventures that is appropriate for all ages and enjoyed by all ages, a near impossible feat.

Those who like their fantasy laced with humor, intrigue and memorable characters should definitely check this out. Even though it's 1300 pages, it reads faster than you'd imagine.

Buy the epic!!


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