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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Repeat Offenders

Today's post is going to shine the spotlight back on acts that have already been featured on this site. Since I only post one song (usually my personal pick to showcase the band/artist), most of the acts I write about have other tracks that are equally as brilliant as the one that I chose to post. So, here's your second chance to discover some of these wonderful artists.

1. Switches - Every Second Counts In Love (prev. posted No Hero on Jan. 18th, 2007)
2. This Episode - The Movies (prev. posted Paris London New York on Sep. 12th, 2006)
3. Dolly Daggers - A Face To Put On (prev. posted Never Ending on Oct. 13th, 2006)
4. The KBC - Not Anymore (prev. posted Steven Get Even on Dec. 11th, 2006)
5. Tiger Baby - At Least I'm Honest (prev. posted Girlfriend on Sep. 14th, 2006)
6. The Sunshine - Love (prev. posted Sabotage on Nov. 24th, 2006)
7. The Rinse - Shy (prev. posted Naughty on Dec. 7th, 2006)


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