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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Glam Rock Dance Fads That Never Were

Today's EP is full of irresistable glam rock songs from the 70's and early 80's that could have spawned bizarre dance fads in another dimension. Some of them actually intended to do this (the insanely ridiculous Motor Boat -who wants to dance like a boat?- and Interplanetary Twist), while others would have done well with some inane move (I'll let you use your imaginations) attached to them. Plus, I've got my favorite glam dance song on here (Sweet's amazingly fun cover of Peppermint Twist) and a song off of my favorite camp classic musical, The Apple. For those that have seen the movie, put on your BIM marks for this one!!

1. Sweet - Pepperment Twist
2. Jimmy Jukebox - Motor Boat
3. Abba - The King Kong Song
4. Screemer - Interplanetary Twist
5. Tim Curry - Charge It
6. The Apple Soundtrack - BIM


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