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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Meja - Seven Sisters (1999)

I remember falling in love with this album before I even knew how amazing Swedish music was. Seven Sisters, in addition to being Meja's masterstroke, is one of those glossy pop albums that actually lingers for longer than a few listens. Thanks to (mostly) timeless production, Meja's sophisticated voice, and a wealth of genre-hopping (be it the loungy Pop & Television or the straight up dance of Luxury), this album still sounds great today.

Of course, there's the big hit, All 'Bout The Money, a song so effective and catchy that it still gets radio play today in Sweden. It is no doubt the highlight of the record, but the entire thing is remarkable consistant. Like last week's album by Sky, Seven Sisters flopped majorly in America, though I don't really think any substantial money was spent trying to make it a success.

Singles: Pop & Television, All 'Bout The Money, Lay Me Down, Intimacy

Seven Sisters Road: Probably my favorite track on the album, besides All 'Bout The Money, this is kind of a cross between a ballad and an uptempo, wit ha fantastic, stomping chorus.

Luxury: The most straight-up dance number on the cd, and an extremely catchy slice of vocoder enhanced pop. In the context of the album, definitely the single-that-was-never-a-single.

Buy it! (for a penny!)

Watch the video for All 'Bout The Money


Blogger Jamie said...

An oldie but a goodie. I used to love Meja. She did a few fab dance records with the swedish group Legacy of Sound in the mid 90's.

4:12 AM  
Blogger beketaten said...

I think Meja is amazing and underrated.
And to think I first heard of her through that silly/camptastic song with Ricky Martin "Private Emotion" XD

3:30 PM  

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