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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Andrew Benon - Rock And Roll Moves

“She lives and dies in the dancefloor lights"

Andrew Benon has crafted a pitch perfect recreation of great 80's pop with this track. From the Bowie-esque vocals to the screaming saxophone to the sparkling synths, Rock And Roll Moves deserves to be the summer anthem of convertible drivers everywhere. It almost sounds like it was written by Prince back in his eighties hey day, especially the flawless chorus. Best of all, Andrew Benon's debut effort is full of this kind of stuff. Many artists (especially on this blog) draw from the eighties for their sound, but few have been as believable as Benon is. Lyrically, Moves is very clever as well, which is always a pleasant surprise in pop music. Finally, on a related note: I need those sunglasses.

mp3: Andrew Benon - Rock And Roll Moves
zshare: Andrew Benon - Rock And Roll Moves

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This song is amazingly authentic. I read on Ear Candy that this guy would have sold millions of records had he made this around 1983. Maybe so, but there's something very 'now' about it too.

6:03 PM  

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