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Friday, May 11, 2007

Introducing the MUBA's + 40 free Songs For YOU!

During the past few months, I (along with 33 other blogs) have participated in the first annual MUBA awards, sponsored by emusic. I will not attempt to recreate the press release, but I will say that there are 14 categories to vote in and I am quite excited about the prospect of a unified blogger awards ceremony growing each year. Read on to learn more…

"The Music Blog Awards are the first music award event to combine the way today's audience listens to music (MP3s), discovers music (music blogs), and celebrates it (the MUBA). The nominees selected in each category were chosen by a diverse group of authors from some of the most popular music blogs. Though the nominees were selected by the music bloggers, the winners in each category will be chosen by the general public. That means you! Voting is now live at:

Everyone who votes will be given the chance to sign-up for Emusic and get 40 free downloads. Also, they will be able to get exclusive playlists hand-selected by the Music Bloggers. Voting will end on June 15th, 2007. So vote now!"

The best part, as you read above, is that once you’ve finished voting, you’ll be given the opportunity to have a trial of the emusic service, in which you’ll receive 40 free downloads of your choice! I’ve used emusic before and it’s quite wonderful. There’s a wide selection of (mostly) indie music and searching/downloading couldn’t be easier. Best of all, once you’ve downloaded your 40 songs, you can either choose to quit your trial or become a regular member. It’s really a no risk situation. Trust me, I’ve done it before (but I was only offered 25 songs at the time).

For fans of my blog, emusic has got tracks/albums by the Similou, Lucky Soul, The Gossip, Stimulator, The Tough Alliance, Lo Fi Fnk, Montt Mardié, The Shapes, Sparks, Van She and much much more. There are lots of things on emusic that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Try it for yourself, just don’t forget to tell emusic which blog sent you there after you’re done with the voting!

And, to get you started I’ve developed an alienhits play list especially for emusic. Click here to see it.


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