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Sunday, May 06, 2007

OK, So I Lied...

After coming back on Friday evening from South Wales I have been absolutely lethargic, exhausted from three days of climbing and walking and standing in the sun. I did get to see the lovely Brecon Beacons, though, and stay in a pleasantly old fashioned cottage hostel in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, my being tired does nothing for you because alienhits has been postless for far too long! Fear not, though, because starting tomorrow I will be bringing you five days of my favorite new UK indie groups (geez they spring up like weeds sometimes, don't they?), as well as some news on an exciting new development in the blog world and your chance to get 40 free songs of your choice!

Also, I've got to throw in a few bits of pop culture before I go. I saw Spider-Man 3 on Friday night, along with everyone else in the world, and was somewhat disappointed because it totally did not live up to the previous two. Far too disjointed in my opinion. I think I need to see it again to make sure, though, as I was way too tired to be the judge of anything.
Secondly, for those here who watch American Idol (and I have been sneakily downloading episodes here in the UK because I am ridiculously addicted), I'm so pleased with the final four this year. Melinda, Blake, Jordin and Lakisha are by far the best final four the show's ever had. My vote (since the very beginning, actually) goes to Blake... but Melinda or Jordin I could live with as well.
Finally, don't forget about Eurovision this Saturday, where The Ark will win over a continent and claim their rightful victory. Well, at least I can hope so...


Blogger Poster Girl said...

I'm in shock about American Idol--you're right; it really is the right final four! I'd agree with your vote, too, in terms of my favorites, though I've thought it would be interesting to see what AI would do if Melinda won; she's probably the least typically commercial out of them and it seems like they'd have difficulty forcing her into anything other than music that is really "her."

6:29 PM  

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