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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Helena Josefsson - By Your Side

"If you could just show me that I count"

I am somehow convinced that this song is a cover of an older classic, yet I’ve found no proof of this. It just sounds so incredibly hit-worthy, yet it was released at the end of last year and somehow I missed it. Most of you will probably know Helena Josefsson as the female singer in Per Gessle’s duet (Hey Mr. DJ) Won’t You Play Another Love Song, which was a minor hit in Sweden last spring. On her debut album, she’s an incredibly pop-minded singer who dabbles in all sorts of genres. By Your Side is probably her more dancey side, and it’s the one that I prefer. The vocals on this, as well as the soaring chorus, are beautiful. It has that strange quality of being a straightforward pop/dance track, yet still retaining a certain singer/songwriter edge.

Helena Josefsson - By Your Side (mp3) (zshare)

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