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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hello Lobster - Haircut City

"It's a city where there's nothing to do but get haircuts"

As the temperature threatens to break 100 degrees today, I've been listening to so much synth-laced, summer music and pretending that I'm at the beach. Hello Lobster's Haircut City is one such track. I'm usually not a fan of novelty type tracks, but this song is just so stupid and catchy that I can't resist it. If the lyrics weren't so intentionally ridiculous, it'd be a fantastic mainstream pop song. As it stands, it's more like Hellogoodbye mixing it up with the Village People. The camp, multi-tracked vocals are perfect... sort of like a distant cousin to Pet Shop Boy's version of Go West.

Hello Lobster - Haircut City (mp3) (zshare)

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