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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miley Cyrus - East Northumberland High

"You're my type of guy I guess if I was stuck in East Northumberland High for the rest of my life"

Yeah, you read that right. Today I am posting a song by Miley Cyrus (aka Disney's Hannah Montana). Living in the States, it's hard not to be aware of the recent Disney music craze in the charts. I can't say I'm particularly immune. I watch far too much Disney Channel (that means all the Hannahs, Corys, Dereks, High School Musicals... but I can't stand those hotel twins). It's pretty much the only channel nowadays where the sitcom is still alive and well. Out of curiosity, and with my tail between my legs, I decided to listen to the new Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus release. After all, it seems to be "all the rage," as they say. There is a lot of crap on it, including some absolutely awful, treacly songs. But, to my surprise, I was able to cut it down to about ten tracks that actually make up a really strong, electro-inspired album that hardly sounds Disneyfied at all. Some of this stuff is excellent! And, I'm becoming less and less ashamed to admit that. Take East Northumberland High, for instance. It's my favorite song of its type since Since U Been Gone. Melodically, it hearkens back to something that No Doubt might have done in their earlier years. And lyrically, it's actually kind of clever. The capper is the insanely perfect chorus, though. This could be a massive crossover hit, especially if nobody knew who was singing it. That's not to take away anything from Cyrus (who, from what I understand, has actually written most of the stuff on her album) but there definitely is a stigma attached to anything Disney. The only hideous thing about this track is the very end with its amazingly unconvincing cry of "rock and roll!" But, even that's pretty funny. Anyway, enough defending my song choice today. Listen to it and see what you think.

Miley Cyrus - East Northumberland High (mp3) (zshare)

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! Buy the album here!)


Blogger Poster Girl said...

I'm not usually into lyrics, but I love these! And the fact they've got a melody with them that's perfect for singing along with doesn't hurt either.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please "Saved" of Norway band LORRAINE!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance you could list the 10 you mentioned so I could listen to my sister's copy and hear the good stuff?

2:52 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Yeah, no prob. Here's what I've got on my mp3 player:
1. See You Again
2. Nobody's Perfect
3. East Northumberland High
4. Old Blue Jeans
5. G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out) - much better than that crappy title suggests
6. Life's What You Make It
7. Right Here
8. We Got The Party
9. Rockstar
10. The Best Of Both Worlds (from the other cd)

Oh, and anonymous person #1, all in good time for the Lorraine song.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Phil said...

Completely agree with that ten, the top two are two of the most played on my mp3 player in recent times (See You Again is one of my favourite tracks of 2007!) I'd probably have Bigger Than Us rather than Girls Night Out purely for the hook.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solid list.

However, I agree with Phil here. I'd choose Bigger Than Us over Old Blue Jeans and G.N.O. for its lovely verses. It's actually a decent song buried underneath a messy, overcooked production. It sounds better in acoustic and in context of the episode in which it's featured.
I also like Good And Broken, it's quite singleworthy, and will probably make a good music video.
I might add I Miss You as a bonus track, for it's a generic cute sappy little ballad.

Oh shit, I've gone too far. Sorry, I will have to switch to anonymous. Can't risk getting caught commenting about Hannah Montana.

2:49 AM  
Blogger hp said...

you should check out METRO STATION.

(miley's older brother trace is in the band)

they write amazing pop songs i know you will like. :)

love your blog and your taste in music!

11:52 PM  

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