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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Delays News!!!

Straight from the mouths responsible for my number one album of 2006 comes a bucketload of extremely exciting news, including word on what I guess will be the first single from the new record!

"Hello dear friends, we bring you good news-the mixing of our next Album 'EVERYTHINGS THE RUSH' is now complete and we do declare it sounds fucking amazing! (Really-this is no time for false modesty!) The first release is going to be the limited edition 'LOVE MADE VISIBLE EP' featuring 'Love Made Visible', a reworked 'You See Colours', 'We Together Make A City'(Love Made Visible Torch Team remix) and 'Slow Burn' (which is a bit of a first for us as it was completely written and recorded in a day.) We don't have a release date for the album/single with a tour of full size venues yet but we can announce we'll be sharing 'Love Made Visible' with you on October 22nd. Or rather, Oct 22nd is officially 'Love Made Visible' day! Around the time of the EP we're going to be playing some shows in smaller venues in the UK and of course you guys are going to get first shout on the tickets, (within a week or so we'll have what computer boffins call a 'microsite' with all the dates and info on getting the EP and gig tickets first.)Much as we're loving being back in Southampton we're all dying to get out there and play for you all-choosing the setlist is going to be a bit of a bastard but its a nice problem to have, see you soon! Delays XXXX"


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