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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Alienhits Blog Recommendation....

Well, not so much a blog as part of a blog. It's A Trap! has been around for awhile and hardly needs my promotion, as it's one of the biggest and most reliable sources of information on Scandinavian music on the web, but I've still got to highlight its fantastic store.

I've only just purchased my first album from the store, and I've gotta say, for U.S. fans of Scandinavian indie rock and pop, there is no better option. You don't get those ridiculous import prices, they've got amazingly cheap shipping rates (they actually charge you for how much it costs to ship the item! How novel is that?) and the cds get to you fast. I've spent months (literally) waiting for stuff to come all the way from Sweden so this in particular is a real treat.

Anyways, go check it out. They've got both the new Laakso album and the new Superfamily one in stock for extremely reasonable prices. And, if you haven't got those two cds yet, how can you really call yourselves an Alienhits fan?


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