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Monday, September 17, 2007

Video Premiere: Superfamily - Warszawa & Laakso - Dropout

Today I've got the videos for two of the best songs of the year. Warszawa, with its dramatic, elegant melody sounds like a lost Tears For Fears classic, while Dropout, with it's Queen-like harmonies and power chords is the epitome of youtful rebellion. Unfittingly, neither of the videos are that jaw-droppingly good (the former an odd kaleidoscopic tour and the latter a behind the scenes tour video) but the songs are so amazing that it really doesn't matter. Besides, given that I was at Hultsfred this year, I just might actually be in the Laakso video.
These are the bands of the year for me so far, both releasing stunning, classic albums. If you haven't given them much love yet here's your chance today!




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