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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Halloween Treat #23: Tim Curry - Anything Can Happen On Halloween

I'm posting this track (and the accompanying video) because the campy-as-hell movie that it's taken from has quickly become a Halloween tradition at the Alienhits HQ. If you haven't seen The Worst Witch yet do yourself a favor, and be sure to look out for:

1. Tim Curry's ridiculously enormous cape (and creepy molester smile)
2. Aggie's (or as we like to call her around here: "drag hag's") school song, which renders me speechless everytime I see it
3. The delightfully manly Ms. Hardbroom and her inappropriate broom speech
4. The ridiculousness that is "terror tag"
5. Of course, Tim Curry's number, as seen below (with his wonderful array of cardboard props)

BONUS: I just received this free digital Halloween EP in my inbox and it's actually alright, even though I've never heard of the artist. Check it out here if you want.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... there may be a toad in your bass guitar... riiiiiiiight! Genius!!!

11:34 AM  

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