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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mighty Six Ninety - Keeping You In Mind

"But still I'm here, and you don't care"

Cross Norway's Lorraine with the UK's dearly departed Upper Room and you've got Mighty Six Ninety. They are from the Cure school of 80's rock, but that doesn't make them mopey. They've been written about in many of blogs and I think that's probably where I heard of them first. They get the Alienhits seal of approval, though, and that's what counts. Keeping You In Mind actually kind of reminds me of another defunct band, the UK's Protocol. But, despite sounding like they're from the UK, these guys are from California. The best part of this song? The vocal ad libs after the chorus, for sure.

Mighty Six Ninety - Keeping You In Mind (zshare)

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