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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stan Bush - The Touch

"Dare to believe that you can survive"

1986: In honor of my favorite big movie of 2007 being released on DVD last week, I'm posting this cheesy rock gem from the original Transformers animated movie. One of the first songs ever to be featured on Alienhits was Stan Bush's The Touch (which I swear if I'm ever a famous rock star I will cover) and the songs on this silly soundtrack mean a great deal to me as they were some of the very first I obsessed over as a little boy. Dare isn't quite as amazing as The Touch, but it is more uptempo and will certainly bring back some memories to the children of the 80's. Plus, it is ultra fun to sing along to, being that it's just so stupidly bombastic and wonderful.

Stan Bush - The Touch (zshare)

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