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Sunday, December 16, 2007

1. Transformers

No other movie this year made me feel like a kid again quite like Transformers. Combine my favorite actor (Shia LaBeouf) with my favorite childhood toy and it’s hard to go wrong. I’m not even the biggest fan of action movies, but this one had a lot of humor and heart (despite what those critics might say). It was the event of the year, without a doubt.

2. Hairspray

One of the best musicals in recent history, this was by far the most fun I had at the theater this year. The music is fantastic (and nonstop) and the performances spot-on. One of the few films this year with absolutely no filler. It never once drags (especially with Travolta in drag!).

3. The Golden Compass

Americans just don’t get it. Once again I’m ashamed of my country’s tastes, and I can’t understand how they didn’t gobble up this movie (based on the first book of my favorite trilogy ever). Sure, it’s not 100% perfect (no adaptation is), but the performances are flawless, the effects are breathtaking, and the entire thing is a delight to watch. I am praying daily that the sequels will get made and give the crew a chance to work on the minor issues they had with the first film.

4. Children Of Men

The most depressing and rattling of the movies on this list, Children Of Men is unforgettable. It’s like a nightmare ride through a future not too distant (and not too unrealistic, either). No film this year did despair as well as this one. Infinitely rewatchable.

5. Pan’s Labyrinth

A fantastic companion piece to Children Of Men, Pan’s Labyrinth examined despair on a much more personal level and delivered many unforgettable visuals as well as a story that managed to be at once uplifting and utterly shattering. It was a very raw film, for sure.

6. Across The Universe

The second best musical of the year (though I have yet to see Sweeney Todd), Across The Universe was bursting with ideas, heart and idealism. Perhaps a bit too long, yet at home in its unabashed extravagance, I can’t wait to see it again.

7. Disturbia

It is not often that something or somebody that I am a huge fan of makes it big on a mainstream level in the US (The Golden Compass’ recent struggling box office is a prime example), but it happened this year with Shia Labeouf. Disturbia was the official breakout for my long-time favorite actor and it was a fine film to do it. Suspenseful to the very end, it’s one of the few horror films I’d watch more than once.

8. Superbad

As good as American Pie, better than 95% of the teen comedies out there. Much of the success can probably be attributed to the three leads, who are amazingly funny and natural in their roles. This is probably the most quotable of the movies on my list.

9. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Not my favorite Potter film, but that’s to be expected because it’s based on one of my least favorite Potter books. Still, any movie in this series is bound to make my list because I’ve loved them all.

10. Stardust

I didn’t know what to expect upon watching this, but I was really pleasantly surprised. It was very original for the fantasy genre and also pretty funny. I’d rate it up there with The Princess Bride, but then again I’ve never been as crazy over that movie as everyone else seems to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I saw all the movies on your list except Superbad, and have to say your opinion is pretty spot on.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Cool! I think it was generally a really good year for movies.

4:57 PM  

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