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Monday, December 24, 2007

10. King Midas - Sorry

The funkiest album of the year, Sorry is one of those kinds of records that flows together so well that it hardly even works as individual pieces. It is by far King Midas’ best work today, and also their most propulsive. Mixing elements of vintage Bowie, Roxy Music and a touch of new wave, it was an early year highlight for me, and one that I kept coming back to as the year went on. The songs themselves possess that rare quality of being instantly catchy and fresh each time you listen to them. In other words, you never get sick of this album.

King Midas - As I Lay Dying

9. Alphabeat - Alphabeat

Another group that I had great hopes for in 2007 didn’t disappoint with their debut. In fact, Alphabeat’s release is probably the happiest record of the year. That could get extremely annoying if the music wasn’t so good. It’s got a bit of an “up with people” vibe to it, for sure, and I realize that that isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But, if you can silence your inner critic you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. I sure did, especially on the tracks that utilize both of the group’s singers to full effect.

Alphabeat - Ocean Blue


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