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Thursday, December 20, 2007

14. Dragonette - Galore

Though it took seemingly forever to actually come out, this pop record sound tracked much of my Summer. In a way 2007 could be looked upon as the return to a classic pop sound, with this record (and a few others coming up on my countdown) leading the way. Navigating through genre after genre and nailing each one, the album is an incredible kaleidoscope of moods and melodies, always keeping a catchy chorus in the foreground. It’s a great introductory record and a hint at the exciting music that’ll hopefully be coming down the line from these guys.

Dragonette - True Believer

13. Bodies Without Organs - Fabricator

Bodies Without Organs can always be counted on to deliver fun, if not breathtaking, pop music. Their third release is no exception. In fact, I’d say it almost ties their debut as their best album to date. I like that the band went back to their roots a bit with this one. The unadventurous singles don’t necessarily point to this fact, but there are some fantastic album tracks (such as the one posted below) that make up for them. All in all it’s probably their most consistent album and also includes some interesting and effective experiments, such as the glam stomp of Concrete Jungle.

Bodies Without Organs - We Should Be Dancing


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