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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

1998: The Rock Year

This year my favorite albums were predominantly dominated by guitars and I really found my footing when it came to music. I was fascinated by Marilyn Manson’s The Dope Show (video and song) and I remember feeling very rebellious when I bought that “controversial” album (the best by far of Manson’s scattershot career, btw). Looking back on it, that was probably the first “glam” album that I ever really heard. Both Hole and Garbage were huge for me this year as well, somewhat due to the tastes of my friends but also because they were both terrific albums. As far as Monifah? I guess she’s the black sheep of the group. Maybe the album served as a sort of post Velvet Rope hangover for me. I don’t know… I just remember being obsessed with it.

Hole - Boys On The Radio
Garbage - Push It
Marilyn Manson - New Model No. 15
Monifah - Touch It


Blogger Adem With An E said...

Sounds like we had a VERY similar year in '98...

3:51 PM  

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