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Thursday, December 06, 2007

2000 - The Commercial Year

Here we’ve got the real onset of teen pop and crappy rap as well as the age of Napster (aka: singles rule, albums not so important). Looking back, the music I listened to here was probably the lamest of the past decade. I remember going to really crappy pop concerts put on by local radio stations and seeing all these horribly cheesy performers. Of all the albums this year I was most into Pink’s debut. It, along with Missundazstood, are still my favorite Pink records and I think that that album, along with Mya’s Fear Of Flying, were probably the best examples of that jittery space age r&b music of this era (well, maybe throw in Destiny Child’s The Writing’s On The Wallas well). I’m not sure if I’d like much of this stuff now, but I was sickeningly into it all back then.

Pink - Split Personality
Mya - Case Of The Ex
Shaggy - Keepin' It Real
Nelly Furtado - Hey Man


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