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Friday, December 07, 2007

2001 - The Idols Year

This was the year where I was filled almost unreasonably with anticipation for the return of my idols. It was the first post Velvet Rope Janet album, after all, as well as the return of the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. While I still like All For You (a spring/summer album if I’ve ever heard one), I don’t think I’ve listened to Invincible since that year, actually. I loved it at the time, but I think I was just desperate for MJ to return to his 80’s prime (still am, actually). No Doubt’s return was alright, but they hadn’t remained the must-listen-to band that they were only a few years ago. Britney Spears, who I’m a bit ashamed to admit I was ever into, also released the only album of hers that I like this year, and yet I’m still ashamed to proclaim that.

Janet Jackson - Trust A Try
Michael Jackson - Invincible
Britney Spears - What It’s Like To Be Me
No Doubt - Detective


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