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Friday, December 28, 2007

4. Lil’ Chris - Lil’ Chris

I didn’t expect to like this album so much, then I kept listening to it… and listening to it, and now a year later I’m still listening to it. I’ve become convinced that it’s simply one of the best power pop albums of all time, no kidding. It may not be the most original work ever, but it takes everything that’s great about rock and pop, bottles it into too young to care about making any “serious artistic statement” and kicks everything up to eleven. I have yet to find a person who hasn’t enjoyed this record, despite it’s sounding like it was recorded by a twelve year old. I only hope the public gives Chris a chance to show what comes next.

Lil’ Chris - Is She Ready?

3. The Ark - Prayer For The Weekend

It’s got to be one hell of a year for The Ark to wind up all the way down at number three on any countdown of mine. The fact of the matter is, though the album still rates a definite A+, it is not as consistent as their last work and functions oftentimes better as a collection of singles than a proper album. That being said, The Ark is still the best band in the world and that can be heard all over this record. It includes some of their biggest and best tracks yet and I’ve probably listened to it at least fifty times this year.

The Ark - New Pollution


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