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Friday, January 11, 2008

Data - Cuckooland

"We're going into cuckooland"

I usually don't post older music, but every once and awhile something will come along (usually very randomly) that demands to be spread to you great readers. I stumbled upon an 80's German band called Data this week (for those of you who may know Sailor -of "Glass of Champagne" fame- this band sprung out of its ashes) and listened to their first album. It was one of those things that just sparked immediately. It's an incredible, long lost gem. The band is synthpop, definitely, but has so many elements of my favorite groups and genres in it... even a touch of Abba in the poppy melodies and harmonies. Every song is a winner, and since the album (fittingly called Opera Electronica) is out of print, I have no qualms about posting a link where you can download the whole thing. For starters, though, check out Cuckooland, a brilliant single and the opening track. It is so freaking catchy. Also, I recommend watching this suitably (and hilariously) dramatic video to another one of their singles, Fallout. Let me know what you guys think of this band. I am officially obsessed.

Data - Cuckooland (zshare)


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