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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kaka - The Hotspurs

"The less we know the faster we are gonna go"

While I wait (increasingly impatiently) for Nicko Stenemo's debut release, I've got that other guy from the Mo (keyboardist Richard Karlsson, now going under the somewhat dubious name of Kaka) readying his debut. Luckily, from what I've heard so far, it sounds like it's going to be quite good. He just released his second single from the project, the brilliant Hotspurs, for free download on myspace, and I'm glad to finally be able to offer it on here (I've been in love with it since the end of last summer). It's a fast, inventive pop song that is insanely catchy, as I've come to expect from the Mo guys. This guy's got a real interesting sound, for sure. The album is out on January 30th but they'll be a full album listening party on myspace starting the 23rd.

Kaka - The Hotspurs (zshare)

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! Buy the first single here)


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