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Monday, February 18, 2008

A few thoughts about Melodifestivalen Round Two

I didn't get to write about it in depth because I was away, but I still watched last Saturday's Melodifestivalen and enjoyed it very much. Song for song, it was better and more entertaining than last weeks, and I think the public got it 100% right. I could've gone either way with Sanna and Ola's songs, because I like them equally as much. Sanna's performance was definitely the stronger of the two, though. Andreas and Carola's song was alright, but a bit over the top vocally and not as strong as it should have been, given their aura of inevitability. I was glad to see them not make it straight through.
And, I was even more glad about Rongedal's success. I know nothing about them but they had the best song in Just A Minute, as well as the best performance. If Scissor Sisters had released this song it would have been a major hit for them. How heartening to know that this was enough to speed Rongedal through. And, I loved how you could tell how surprised and excited they were by the results.


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