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Thursday, February 21, 2008

King Of Trolls - Far Away

"Far away to the land of the fairytale"

I know this is a few weeks old, and I know it's a novelty song, but it is a damn weird one that has captivated me for far too long. Part of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix (their version of Melodifestivalen), where it nearly won the competition, Far Away is sung by Frode Anderssen, who dresses like a troll in the performance (yes, you read that right) and sings the track with all the gusto it demands. The song itself is ADDICTIVE. Immediately you'll realize how insanely weird it is, but then you'll notice that that chorus is just staggeringly great. And then you'll probably play the damn thing about two gazillion times.

King Of Trolls - Far Away (zshare)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this song is just strange. Why on earth didn't you pay attention to "Baby Don't Stop The Music" from the same competition, written by Pleasure?

1:40 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Answer: because I am strange.

And yes, I like the Pleasure track, but not as much ;)

5:43 PM  

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