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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ghostland Observatory - Freeheart Lover

"My freeheart lover, don't play games with me"

Ghostland Observatory is a band that really frustrates me. I've posted about them a few times before, and their newest album (also their best) Robotique Mystique was just released. Problem is, I absolutely adore some of these guys' songs and absolutely can't stand the rest. In fact, of their three releases, I've been able to take tracks from each and form one really solid album... but that's all. Importantly, though, when they're on, they're definitely on. Frontman Aaron Behrens, when he actually sings a melody, sounds astonishingly like 80's era Freddie Mercury. Just listen to new (amazing) single Dancing On My Grave and you'll see what I mean. Today I'm posting Freeheart Lover, which is another propulsive pop song. It sort of threatens to derail about 2/3 through with a bizarre interlude where the music just stops, but even this isn't enough to dull the track's incredible rock pulse. I'm telling you, this is The Game/Hot Space era Queen to the tee.

Ghostland Observatory - Freeheart Lover (zshare)

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