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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monomen - Drum Of Glass

"That's when I hit my drum of glass"

Monomen is a Norwegian synth pop group with a great, aggressive 80's dance sound. They remind me a little of 2006's White Rose Movement, which produced one of my favorite albums of that year. The best thing about Drum Of Glass is definitely the propulsive synth beat. From the moment I heard it I knew I was sold. The vocals take a little longer to set in, but now I'm completely addicted. Those features, along with the guitar solo towards the end, make this track sound like it's been around for a lot longer than it has. That's not a bad thing. When it comes to 80's revival music, it's all about how authentic it sounds. I have no idea what the lyrics are about (at least those that I can decipher), but it doesn't really matter, because it sounds wonderful.

Monomen - Drum Of Glass (zshare)

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! Buy the album here!)


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