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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime

"Horniness is on the rise"

I finally got to see Southland Tales (Richard Kelly's follow up to the amazing Donnie Darko) last weekend and, even though it is as strange and impenetrable as all the critics have said, I was still really fascinated by it. There's something to be said for ambition, even if it is sometimes misguided. Anyway, on to the song. Teen Horniness... is a parody of all the over processed, beat heavy, ultimately meaningless "pop" out on the radio today. It is quite insipid itself, but that's the fun in it. Sung by Sarah Michelle Gellar's character in the film (her breakthrough single as an "artist"), it could sadly be mistaken for a hit in America right now. If that's not a depressing proclamation, I don't know what is! Oh, and one more thing: You're not going to find a better song title this year.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime (zshare)

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