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Friday, May 30, 2008

Flashback Friday: Vivien Vee - Give Me A Break

"My body's not a toy"

My friend and I discovered the above video a few months ago and fell in love with every single, campy aspect of it. The spastic/hypnotic arm movements, the "countdown to ignition," the sorta-bored, sorta-into-it audience members, the handclaps, the outfit, the hair... everything. It's really very funny. And, the cool thing is, once you get past all of that this song itself is a fantastic example of Italo Disco in its prime. I love the way that it's basically two songs spliced together (keeps things from getting boring) and of course the beat is pretty irresistable. Unfortunately, Vee didn't release very much more, although it seems (from my research, at least) that she had a few other hits.

Vivien Vee - Give Me A Break (zshare)

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