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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Orion Experience - Obsessed With You

"I wanna get close to you"

I heard this track for the first time on the radio a few days ago and the first thing I thought was "Alphabeat." Upon further listens, there are definitely differences between the two bands, but the girl/boy vocals on the chorus and the general insane catchiness is something they have in common. The Orion Experience is from New York City and this track was actually released, along with their album, two years ago. But, some bands take a while to marinate before achieving success and it looks like The Orion Experience may be one of those such bands. Obsessed With You, with its almost reggae beat and quick lyrics really is undeniable. It's one of those songs that you only need to hear once before you're singing it to yourself over and over again. I was really surprised to hear such a summery pop sound like this on U.S. radio because in some ways it sounds very European.

The Orion Experience - Obsessed With You (zshare)

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