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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Virgins - Rich Girl

"I'll tell you anything I know"

The Virgins are obvious admirers of Hall & Oates (even this song shares a name with an H&O classic), which is evidenced by the soulful pop sound of Rich Girl. It's the consummate summer pop song, easing along on a perfect groove until it explodes into an amazingly catchy chorus. Imagine the space between Maroon Five and Under The Influence Of Giants and that's where these guys fit in. Their name is a little silly (I sometimes wonder if all these "the" bands just point to a random word in the dictionary, put a "the" in front of it, and call it good) but with this track they've got a potentially massive hit on their hands. The rest of their stuff I've heard doesn't really sound as radio friendly (or as good), but if they can build on this they could very well be huge.

The Virgins - Rich Girl (zshare)

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Ooh, I like!

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