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Friday, June 06, 2008

Flashback Friday: Baltimora - Jukebox Boy

"Bye bye to the boy boy jukebox boy" (gotta love that)

Baltimora has got to be one of the most unattractive popstars of all time, yet he managed to produce the brilliantly cheesy Tarzan Boy (posted on this very blog years ago). The video to this song alone is so incredibly hideous that it needs to be preserved in a museum somewhere. The song is a bit less entertaining, but I couldn't resist posting it for the excuse to put the video up as well. Just imagine everything that could be wrong about an 80's video (in the best possible way, of course) and that's what you're going to find when you click play. There are so many epic things happening here that I can't even begin to describe it. You're just going to have to watch yourselves. Unbelievable.
*On a sadder note, this guy passed away awhile ago... but I'm sure he'd approve of us laughing with him (or at least I hope so!)

Baltimora - Jukebox Boy (zshare)

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god! talk about a flashback! i remember that i actually liked this song at the time (though, yeah, he was totally fug). what can i say, i was young and it was the 80s! hahaha, thanks for the memories and the tune:)


7:32 AM  

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