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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Danger Radio - Broken Man

"I had a feeling it would end up like this"

I appreciate what Seattle's Danger Radio is trying to do, namely a harder edged Under The Influence Of The Giants disco/rock/funk sound. The album itself (which came out yesterday) is a little too heavy on the trend-following "emo" aesthetics and too light on the great songwriting, but it is a first effort so there's a lot of potential here. Especially on songs like Broken Man, which ups the synth quotient. Frontman Andrew DeTorres potentially has a very unique voice, but I feel like he's dressing it up too much to sound like bands-of-the-moment Metro Station and Panic At The Disco. Still, I do like their single Party Foul and I appreciate their ambitions. I'd much rather embrace the popularity of something like this instead of something like Lil' Wayne.

Danger Radio - Broken Man (zshare)

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